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Barfi! was an exciting film. One day, Anurag Basu came
to my house and I had just come back home from a shoot
and had my make up on. He met me but wanted to leave
immediately. I asked him the reason for leaving and he said,
"I had come to offer you a film, a role of an autistic girl but
you are way to glamorous for it. " Anurag Basu saw me in
full make-up, and almost withdrew his Barfi offer.


"Chadder nichey kero Mamu ki Bhaanji, warna dumm ghut jayee ga…"

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Jab bhi laayegi zingdagi khud usko dhoondke 
Pehchaanenge hum ik pal mein, aankhe bhi moond ke...
(Whenever life itself searches and brings me the one,
i will recognise him in an instant, even with my eyes closed)

Now, after five years of your departure, the club has another wunderkind in its ranks in the name of Adnan Januzaj. In what has been a season in which we have hit rock bottom for the first time in the Premier League era, he has given us a glimmer of hope that not everything is over at the club as yet. When I close my eyes, he reminds me of a skinny you who took centre stage a decade ago. That ability to take on players and that desire to work his socks off can be seen in him.  -  An open letter to Cristiano Ronaldo from a Manchester United fan (x)

Track Title: Akhiyan Nu Raen De

Artist: Quratulain Baloch


This song has a really sad vibe to it, and I can’t stop listening to it!